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On the occasion of a meeting of the editors for the journal ARTMargins, MIT Press, Angela Harutyunyan organized a show of artists who have collaborated with ARTMargins: Media Farzin and Alessandro Balteo Yazbeck, Aras Ozgun, Honza Zamojski and myself at 392RMEIL393 in Beirut. ArtMargins (2/2), out in June, will include a 16 page spread of [...]

Nuns fret not…

June 2013 in Art Margins, (2/2), MIT Press This is the story of a nun who upon visiting a monument to the American saint Isaac Jogues, which shows the missionary carving in a tree to illustrate his message, recognizes in him a Missionary Artist. She then persuades her convent to let her and her fellow [...]

Lebanese coffee paintings


  Kasper Kovitz – neversink more images and info ½” cold – rolled steel pipe Length: 42’ 9”, 13m 29cm Width: 13’ 4”, 4m 7cm Hight: 8” 4”, 2m 54cm 2011

…buen viaje, caballeros. Have a good time in England.

oxblood and carnalitos – Bilbao 2010

Three months in Bilbao painting Conquistadores in ox blood. There is a color that Basques used to paint their houses with, rouge Basque, that originally was made out of cattle blood. When I started working on images of the Conquistadores coming on land and encountering Natives, I decided to use ‘exotic fruit juice mix’ for [...]

ice house

icehouse movie icehouse interior walk-through Kasper Kovitz – icehouse [Nova Scotia, Canada] 2010

transition sap – pee

Pecher; pine sap on paper; 2009; 11 1/14″ x 17 5/8″ sap cabins; pine sap on paper; 2008; 26 1/2″ x 19 3/4″ Heimsuche [Das Red River Thal]; pine sap on paper; 2007; 39 3/4” x 26” small sap; pine sap on paper; 2009; 9 1/2″ x 12 3/8″ fox and pine; fox urine and [...]

What to do with Governors Island: NUTTEN

1) install cameras on the island. 2) tear off the landings and piers and close the island to the public – forever. 3) put the cameras online. Now everybody can verify the island is really vacated. 4) go back to calling the island “Nutten”. 160-acre vacated island, cameras connected to free-access TV and web. Kasper [...]

nor did I want to leave

untitled [map], 2009, painted plywood, lacquer, 30 1/8″ x 35 1/4″, 76.5×89.5cm